Welcome to the QUTYoung.

here is our cultural desk.



QUTYOUNG’s Introduction

STrength:The ability to combine their own experiences with different cultures to achieve an understanding of the results of different cultures.

WHY:why do we do this web site Answer: Because we want to prove we are good at communicate different culture.

How: How can we communicate different culture Answer: We learn and understand a great deal about cultures and the history of these cultures. In this way, we think we can quickly understand the cultures associated with international companies

WHAT: What can we do with our advantage Answer: We can help you to understand the local culture of different countries and prevent some of the conflicts caused by cultural differences.


we need to know how cultural to be communicate. In Guiso et al.’s words: (1) culture evolves slowly;8 (2) different cultures can (and often must) coexist.9

So, for our company, International students may be the first choice to become one of us.

Germany and France are close European and American countries, but the long history of the two countries has led to a relatively large cultural difference.

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